To create a fragrance around ethyl maltol and velvione. I want to create a fragrance that smells both animalic and gourmand, with plenty of caramel and musk notes.


Gourmand, musky, woody.

Materials of Interest

Styrallyl Acetate - rhubarb, musty, sharp.

Ethyl Maltol - gourmand, caramelized sugar, cotton candy, strawberry.

Auralva - neroli, orange blossom, indolic.

Indolene 50 - mothball, animalic.

Velvione - sexy, animalic, musk.


This fragrance starts out with a sharp rhubarb note from the styrallyl acetate. I added this material for its musty quality so that it may help the aroma lean more animalic. While it failed in this regard it does add some unique contrast from the sweetness of the remainder of the materials. However, this note does seem a bit out a place. I added linalool to compliment all the woody smelling materials (once I realized how prominent they were) and so you get bits of that terpenic effect from the linalool off the top as well. This sweetens nicely into a mouthwatering bouquet of caramelized fruit with indolic neroli and jasmine blossoms. This is really my favorite part of the fragrance and is most similar to what I had in mind when I began. There is such a nice balance between the gourmand and musky notes at this moment. This is the essence of what I set out to create. By now the woody smelling base materials are more noticeable. At the end of the dry down the musk and vanilla notes remain and the aroma is soft and sweet.


Material Category Conc.
Ethyl Alcohol Carrier 86.7%
Propylene Glycol Carrier 4.4%
Dipropylene Glycol Carrier 2.0%
Velvione Base 1.3%
Ambrettolide Base 0.9%
Auralva Mid 0.9%
Ebanol Base 0.9%
Iso E Super Base 0.9%
Ethyl Vanillin Base 0.4%
Indolene 50 Base 0.4%
Linalool Top 0.4%
Styrallyl Acetate Top 0.4%
Methyl Latione Base 0.2%
Ethyl Maltol Mid 0.04%


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