To play around with Iso E Super and get closer to creating my first fragrance - Super Base.


Woody, amber.


13.1% (EDP)

Materials of Interest

Iso E Super - superstar molecule; woody, cedar, ambergris, velvety.

Ambroxan - amber, woody.

Oranger Crystals - orange blossom, floral.


I started with a lot of Iso E Super. I wanted the final fragrance composition to be around half of this lovely molecule. I am always tempted to add ambroxan to IES for some reason but I am going to resist that urge here. The two of them already smell similar and I really want this fragrance to be about IES (that is what the fragrance will be named after). Instead I added some oranger crystals and ended up with a beautiful and woody fragrance with notes of orange blossom. Quite an ethereal floral vibe.

I wanted to add some citrus top notes so I decided to add dimethyl octenone for its fresh grapefruit qualities. I also added some orange terpenes to enhance the orange notes of the oranger crystals. This gave me a lovely aroma of bright citrus on a velvety base of cedar-like woods.

I could tell that the top notes and the base notes should be left alone and that I should try to fill out the middle of the fragrance. To do this I added a bit of peonile for it’s gentle floral notes that are reminiscent of a rose. Then, I decided that I actually did want to add some ambroxan so I did that at the end.

I enjoyed building a fragrance around this molecule. I will require a bit more experimenting to get better acquainted with it. Iso E Super is ubiquitous in the fragrance world so it is a great material to work with to create my first perfume, and to grow my knowledge as I embark on my fragrance journey.


 Material Category Conc.
Iso E Super Base 8.5%
Oranger Crystals Base 1.3%
Orange Terpenes Top 1.3%
Dimethyl Octenone Top 0.9%
Peonile Mid 0.9%
Ambroxan Base 0.2%
Ethyl Alcohol Carrier 86.9%
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