No. 13 - SUN LUCKY

No. 13 - SUN LUCKY




Create a juicy orange metallic fragrance that defies superstition.


Fresh squeezed orange juice. Metallic shimmer. Sparkling effervescence. Delicious citrus.


16.7% (EDP)


I chose to name this fragrance Sun Lucky in defiance of the superstition that 13 is an unlucky number. Sun because it is summer time. I was feeling inspired by juicy oranges and metallic shimmery notes that might be achieved. I decided to skip the base materials this time and stick with mainly top/mid notes (so no musk or woods in this one). This is a departure from the last few fragrances I have made which have been heavy in base materials. It is nice to be working with a different set of materials for this fragrance.

To start, I gathered all my orange smelling materials - orange terpenes, oranger crystals, auralva. I would need these to get some nice juicy orange notes. I decided to jump right in with a healthy dose of orange terpenes which I complimented with dihydro myrcenol to give some shimmering bergamot nuance and to begin to build the sparkling quality in general. I added just a tad of citronellol and oranger crystals to add a bit of citrus nuance.

Auralva and petitgrain I think work well together in this case. The powderiness of the auralva helps to smooth the bitter petitgrain while allowing me to transition from citrus to more metallic materials nicely. Just a very small amount of petitgrain bc I just want to set the scene, I don’t want to over power the whole fragrance which is very easy to do with petitgrain EO. To continue down this metallic path I added some peonile for its earthy floral notes which I will play off of with rose oxide and it’s pungent shimmering green notes. Again not of these ingredients as they can very easily over power a composition.

Lastly I decided to add some Indolene to sweeten and stemone in an attempt to make the fragrance smell more metallic. I think it was the best out of the materials that I have that I could have chosen for this and am rather pleased with how it turned out.


 Material Category Conc.
Ethyl Alcohol Carrier 79.2%
Orange Terpenes Top 3.9%
Dihydro Myrcenol Top 0.8%
Citronellol Top 0.6%
Oranger Crystals Base 2.8%
Auralva Base 1.1%
Petitgrain Top 0.3%
Peonile Mid 1.4%
Rose Oxide Top 0.8%
Indolene 50 Base 4.2%
Stemone Top 0.8%
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